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Learning is not about getting answers,
it's about developing curiosity and searching for better questions

One of the things I’ve always had difficulty with when I was a kid, was to settle on a single topic, a single area of expertise, one aspect of life and then dedicate myself entirely to it. I was that kid with 5-6 different extracurricular activities across the week, constantly busy trying out new things.

While I did enjoy myself doing all this, I also looked at my peers, concentrating on a single activity and flying high and fast with it. This sometimes made me feel as if I’m missing out on something.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that there was no real need for me to try and replicate my peers. I’ve discovered that I can be a professional cyber security manager, a photographer, a writer, a painter,

a go-kart racing driver, a mechanic, a DIY dude, a book lover, a mindfulness and meditation practitioner, a Crossfit athlete, all while also being a loving parent and (hopefully) a good husband and family person.

Squeezing all this (and more) into a 24 hour schedule is not easy, but the effort is certainly worth it…

As I grow older, I understand that sure, focusing on a single topic allows a deeper dive and faster route to expertise, but the cost of giving up on everything else is just too high for me. I prefer to taste as much of what life has to offer rather than simply focusing on just one single area of it.

This diversified approach to life, allows me to experience an extremely wide range of emotions and experiences, and also enriches my way of thinking about every single aspect of life that I engage.

If you feel you share a similar view of life, or if you are curios about my different parts of the journey, feel free to stay and look around…

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